IIM Amritsar – The Holy IIM

I remember the day of my IIM Amritsar interview scheduled to be in Hotel Radisson Blu Dwarka, Delhi where I was constantly sceptical about the offerings of the third generation IIMs and confused as to which institute I shall go with? However, I decided not to get distracted by these thoughts and go for my […]

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How I landed at IIM Amritsar !

“Please fasten your seat belts. the plane is about to land” I opened my eyes anxiously to witness yet another dream come true of experiencing the corporate life finally (described as life with more freedom and prerogatives). BTW first one was to travel by flight. Filled with all excitement and a little bit of apprehension, […]

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Back to college !!

Is it an institute? Is it a temple of learning? Is it a college building? Is it a place for knowledge? Is it a place for personality development? Is it a place for networking? – Eh! Well, these all are different ways to describe a college in a boring manner but the way I look […]

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Life at IIM Amritsar

Leaving my adventure to achieve the last goal of my instructive voyage, IIM Amritsar is the best thing that transpired. As I achieved the entryways of my foundation, I was incredulous about myself, about this place and about the way that now I am branded forever. My whole uncertainty was gone in the initial three […]

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Life at IIM Amritsar

I still remember the moment it was somewhere around the third week of June 2017 when I came to know that I had secured myself a seat at IIM Amritsar. People around me were extremely euphoric maybe because it was the first time that I had achieved something of this magnitude in my career. As […]

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