Final Educational Showdown

“Whatever kind of seed is sown in a field, prepared in due season, a plant of that same kind, marked with the peculiar qualities of the seed, springs up in it” – Guru Nanak Amritsar- The Holy City. A city which has such a pure vibe to it that even the air feels different here. The moment I rested my foot here I felt belongingness as I will be spending my next 2 crucial years of life, and would give and take from this city. In this Holy City exists an IIM, in fact, I won’t retreat from calling IIM Amritsar as the fastest-growing IIM. Having been set up just four years back, this institute has made many marks in its journey, be it the placement record that has been hundred percent, the facilities like smart classrooms, beautiful hostels, personal fleet of buses, or the faculty who are working round the clock towards overall development of the students, and this all being functioning out of a temporary campus is something where management has done a fabulous work. Currently being mentored by IIM Kozhikode, the 5th oldest IIM and one of the premier management institutes in the country, we get to have some great visiting faculties. Now with our Director taking charge of the institute from this year onwards, we are likely to see even better growth in a variety of fields. In our batch of 2019, we have got a diverse background of 152 students coming from 24 states of India, with 55% having work experience and 32% of students coming from non-engineering backgrounds. With this amazing diversity among students, I feel my MBA experience is going to be worth remembering. I would even like to compare this pool of students with a swarm of bees who after gathering nectar from different flowers have reached a common beehive and are ready to give their honey to this IIM and enrich its sweetness. If someone asks me about what is it that sets IIM Amritsar apart from others I would say is its students. The day I arrived at IIM Amritsar, I could notice how elated and excited were the students to take on this rollercoaster ride that the MBA is. I found everyone to be very passionate about networking with each other, as the number of bonds I have been able to make here till now is more than I have ever made. In an IIM you would expect more people with a left-brain personality but yet again at IIM Amritsar, it was a surprise to me. In the induction programs, I could see how creative and right-brained people also exist here, with students performing dramatics, to being a perfect marketer in creating an innovative ad, or be it the amazing performances I could see during our event “Aagaaz 3.0″. Each day brings new opportunities here, the moment I wake up I get to breathe in the open air, which is missing in cities like Delhi where I come from, then I get to have delicious food of Punjab and board the bus to college, where everyone is busy discussing pre-reads for lectures, some finding leisure time by listening to songs, and obviously some doing their type of time management by taking out some time to sleep!! More or less everyone gets ready to challenge each other in this race yet by holding hands. Something I have loved here is the culture as I have never felt that I would face criticism for having a different take on a case, as everyone wants to contribute and derive new findings from every argument. In this one month, my key learning has been that “If you won’t connect with IIM Amritsar, it will connect with you” This statement has been proved time and again by different clubs and committees. Initially, we as the 5th batch were not much interactive with seniors and some were not interacting with their batchmates too, but the members of the clubs and committees organized such tasks which required us to interact among our peers as well as seniors. We got trained to work for long hours and could improve our time management, absolutely what life after an MBA requires. At IIM Amritsar, we have clubs for basically all interest groups, be it academic or otherwise, and the members are doing great in their clubs which is evident by the work they put forward like the upcoming “Yukti”, a kind of a yearly event where industry experts from all over India visit and exchange their views about latest trends and ongoing advancements in human resources or be it “AArunya”, the flagship event of IIM Amritsar which involves participation from every club and committee. Moreover, the academic calendar is packed with many more such events which will help in personality building, career growth, improving communication skills, and creating an ethical as well as an effective manager. “You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and by falling over” -Richard Branson I find this quote very powerful, and I feel it is what students here are implementing too. This being the 3rd generation IIM, we are setting up the foundation stone, and since nobody is perfect we are trying what best we can do so that we outshine others, we know that we may fail at times but that hasn’t scared our seniors and nor will it scare us or the coming batches. Though with the amount of dedication that student can be seen putting here no one can doubt on their hard work and I am confident that we will emerge as winners.

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