The Tale of Gallant Learning at IIM Amritsar

The long treacherous journey it was, before coming to IIM Amritsar. Losing friends, relationships put you all into the doleful experiences. It was the month of July when I received the offer letter from the institute.

The journey didn’t started that well. Having a dream about start-up to get into something and learn entrepreneurial subject was the only direction. The very first day at orientation I found everyone to be more special and knowledgeable and myself somewhat lacking in some qualities from them. Everyone was good enough to be here in IIM Amritsar while asking myself what I am doing here? The very question lead me to engage with other students who inspired me when we knew about each other. As an introvert from starting, I only had few friends but seeing the culture of IIM made me more piquant than ever. I am more into the sports rather than academics which made me to stand for the sports committee elections. Though I lost the election with very few margin I was now having an aim to go vigor. All I realized that academics is not everything, when you have some skills you don’t feel less than anyone.

Initially I was slaphappy about placements, as I was having some years of experience in my father’s construction company as a supervisor. But the dream I have envisioned for myself to have a successful startup (not in a construction industry) kept me going on further. I remember the time when there was first summer Placement Company in the campus, everyone was serious about it, and I was sitting in a corner, all frivolous. The placement is not the only thing I wanted from this college, it was something else, something bigger. Sooner friends started getting placed in big companies and “the party season” was about to start. The trivial existence of mine till now was about to explode as I met with very good friends those helped me to get over my introversion. I found that the college has given me everything I desired for, be it peachy friends, academics, impeccable faculty members, and the trips from Goa to Spiti & Lahaul Valley. These wilderness lead me to follow my passion of the photography. As soon as I returned from the Spiti valley the only club or committee I was able to colligate was the photography club here. The club was also putative about my skills and rendered me some of the important task involved with other clubs and committees. It was my first time to grapple such position of responsibility for any club or you can say for the college.


One thing that helped me over the entire 1.5 years of journey is the Amritsari food. The food which can quench your ravenous stomach anytime. Belonging to one of the Brahmin family all I have tasted vegetarian food for entire my life. Being here in Punjab I was seriously devoid of the taste of non-vegetarian dishes. It is always difficult to standout from your friends with such pivotal decisions like food. Still on request, I started to eat non-veg dishes and now I am totally limber about food whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. The best part is when friends mock me for having non-vegetarian food now and always ask me how you can miss such delicious recipes for entire life.

DSC_0003-02 (2).jpeg

The pessimum thing any student can think for college is the faculty members. I was astonished by the visiting faculty members when our Business Law Professor came here. It was the time I thought how law can be imposed to management students and how can they learn in the very short period of time. But the professor took it to the next level. I was completely flabbergasted by the teaching style used by our professors. Then came our college annual fest “AArunya – The management, Cultural and Sports fest of IIM Amritsar”. The best time to get tied up with the different activities like sports or cultural events. The winter was there, all foggy where it was rugged to see beyond 100 meters. Following by sports activities, I was there in a football team to make sure the contribution of my team. The draw with 1-1 and it was the time for penalty shootout. Struggling with my heartbeat, the ball was in the ground, keeper was all set and all I was inquisitive of hitting the ball to pass the square net for a goal. “Yes!!…I made it, I scored a goal for my team”. Things you can learn from these events is to compose yourself in challenging situations.

AArunya is the time to show and espouse your talents and passion. The photography club was all suited up to showcase the talents and passion I have. We had our budget approval for the AArunya and it was decided that no external photographer and videographer will be provided by the institute. The members of photography club are only responsible for providing the digital content for the media presence of IIM Amritsar. It was a challenge to me as covering this big event for the college itself was the big deal to me. I was afraid as well as excited enough to cover the events where known artists were performing. I made the event more contending and learn sometimes even your skills can matter for managing the tasks given to you. Sure, it lead to increase my knowledge, skills and ability to perform even on the critical situations.

Each day at IIM Amritsar is different from the previous day for me. Life will throw challenges at you on a daily basis. One day you will wake up and find that there are certain quizzes you didn’t prepared for, there are tincture assignments you have to submit and there are classes you cannot bunk because you have a grade drop, the happiness you get if any class got cancelled or delayed but realized the project work you are working with the group is absent and you have to prepare the whole project alone. Sure, it sounds too naïve. But little we collect from this institute is always the larger stepping stone for the future.

Till this time, I was not feeling about lacking any qualities than the other students. The college reminded me and make me learn that each individual is different in its own qualities and we are the only thing that stops us from achieving our goal is only our fear. Once you are through this, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You will not even be sure, whether it is really over. When you come out of it, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what IIM is all about.

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Written by: Panchsheel Prateek


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