“Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step – Lao Tzu” this quote defines my journey at IIM Amritsar, one of the prestigious institutes for management studies in India. the place which provides plethora of opportunities for young talented minds to kick start their managerial endeavor’s. This quest of mine for such opportunities brought me to this holy IIM, situated in the land of Golden Temple where tradition meets modernity. Steeped in history, culture and tradition this adobe on earth welcomed me with open arms.

              It was the summer of June 2017, when I got the offer letter to become the part of the IIM fraternity for this new emerging institute. Being it my first time to step out of Bhopal in order pursue education, I was excited as well as nervous at the same time as lots of question boggled my mind about my life in upcoming two years. The term began with an orientation and a batch photo which formally welcomed me and fellow batch mates into the system of the IIM Amritsar. In the initial phases this insightful journey came with an adrenaline rush when we saw a place designated for ourselves in the classroom. the batch of 95 students was divided in two section which created the fun element in management learning with inter section wars and lots of events.

             Any B-school is thorough regarding its course curriculum so is the IIM Amritsar. It is an amazing experience of getting trained by the pool of various eminent senior professors from first- and second-generation IIMs, top B-schools and in-house faculties. The case – based pedagogy made the sessions very much interesting. The classes were mostly about case discussions with the peers, role-plays, simulation, assignments, presentations along with many Co- and Extra- curricular activities. This unique style of learning made the course much more interesting than those tedious and boring lectures I used to have during my Engineering. The Diversity among the students with respect to Academic, culture and gender made the class room discussion much more logical and inspire us to analyze it from various angles. Additionally, marks for class participation motivated the entire class to be very agile and competitive. So, the students used to always remain eager to put up their points. One thing that I cannot forget in my entire life is those sleepless nights in order to prepare the never-ending presentations.

          Talking about my daily routine, it starts with 8:15 am bus from Hostel to college. Just grab something to eat from the mess and board the bus for the class which commence at 9:15 am sharp. If I am late one day, the professor expects me to be on time the next day. We are not allowed to attend a lecture for which we are late as the institute rules do not favor students coming in late. This is a great way of teaching punctuality to the students. In every session brings with an element of surprise by the professor in the form of either Quiz or group activity. Between the session the we indulge in various recreational activities either by clubs or sports and many more. This easily takes 7:00 pm, when we reach hostel after a 40 minutes long ride by bus. Then starts the college after-life at hostel which comes with its own fun, enjoyment and experience. On some days we end up having classes till late night. And the cycle goes on.

           Being a student driven campus, the institute is governed by various committees and clubs which plays a vital role in the framing of the well-regulated system at ground zero level. I was the junior coordinator for Hrithvi the HR club of IIM Amritsar during my first year of this program and Currently I am serving as the senior coordinator for Markophilic the marketing club. Truly speaking I have learned more through my club events than the classroom. As a coordinator, I put my best efforts to ignite the enthusiasm in the respective fields among students by conducting intra as well as inter college events and workshops. Working for these clubs and committees helps one to uncover the unknown managerial idiosyncrasy hidden in a student about which they themselves are unaware of.

            One of the most important aspect of the MBA is peer learning and here you get ample of opportunities to get that. When you work in a group and focus on specific task as a team, that interaction between you and your teammates lay down the foundation of your networking with the potential business leaders of tomorrow. Not to mention annual fest of the institute which becomes the platform to encourage the students to become a single unit. Fun Fact, IIM Amritsar started organizing its annual Management and Cultural fest just from the second year of its inception. AArunya, entirely managed by students ranging from sponsorship to hospitality and logistics attracts thousands of students from B-schools all around the country in order to participate in various events to showcase their talents. The event brings out the actual manager from inside of each and every student who work their ass off to make this event successful. Clearly, the institute has achieved a well-deserved reputation in just merely three years after its commencement in 2015.

           You must be thinking, why I am not talking about the main ingredient of the management potion created in one’s head which attract him/ her to pursue an MBA from IIMs or the top B-schools. Placements, the jack of all trades responsible for creating the overall impact of the institute has its major chunk of shares for IIM Amritsar’s success. The relevant knowledge, skill and diversity of the students attracts recruiters from various sectors spanning across all prominent domains of management including Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations, Consulting, IT analytics and General Management. I got placed in FM-CG company in the job profile of business development. This was my first ever corporate exposure and the same provided me with the experience to tackle real life complications arising in the business world. Don’t forget, IIM Amritsar follows 100 % placement policy for both summer and final placements. This puts immense pressure on the placement committee but its worth the effort when every new batch surpasses the salary package from the previous one.

               A last thought, when I look back to my IIM journey of past one year I can clearly gaze through the changes happened in me as an individual over the period. There is a tremendous improvement in my personality with a significant change in how I present myself in front of others. This journey provided me ample of opportunities to conquer my shortcomings through in class concepts as well as learning that I acquired through interaction with peers, seniors, managing events, solving real life problems and other activities. Yes, this journey was heck of a roller – coaster ride with beyond measurable ups and downs. So, its mandatory for an aspirant to have clear mindset planning to join the IIM Amritsar. Be ready to put up your managerial cap on, explore all the available options, make the learning fun and interesting in your own way. This is an opportunity of life time so try to make it the most memorable one.



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