TEDx IIM Amritsar

In an era of immediate gratification, endorsers and advocates are running wild to pander to the insatiable appetite of the society. They glean the sources, garner the attention and finally build a house that breaks down with one gush of wind. And when everything is crumbled to dust, there is that one house, one minaret that glimmers in this continual dust storm. For its foundations are strong. For its base is concrete. For its strategy is sound.

And it stands tall for it is successful. And Success is no Accident.

Having successfully walked the walk of life, various eminent personalities from multiple fields have graced the grand inaugural TEDx talk hosted by IIM Amritsar. The event was organised at Hotel Radisson Blu Amritsar.

The event saw the prolific speakers, taking a leaf out of their life stories, presenting various insightful and impactful thoughts that created an indelible impression on the minds of the listeners.

The event started with an exhilarating performance by the students of IIM Amritsar that raised the necessary adrenaline levels for the rest of the event. To set the tone for the upcoming session, the first TED talk by Shah Rukh Khan, a renowned Bollywood actor was played before the audience. Mr Shah Rukh genuinely reflects that is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

The event was graced by thirteen eminent personalities from different walks of life working in diverse fields. Avatar Lila Das (Monk & Life Coach),  Padma Shri Dr Mahesh Verma (Prosthodontist), Dr Sheetal Vohra (Supreme Court Lawyer, Vohra and Vohra), Dr Sujaya Banerjee (Founder & CEO, Capstone Consulting), Padma Shri Jadav Payeng (Forest Man of India), Krishnarjun Bhattacharya (Author & Film-maker), Manish Tyagi (Stand-up Comedian), Padma Shri Pratibha Prahlad (Bharat Natyam Dancer & Educator), Sukriti Chaturvedi (Video Jockey & Blogger), Varun Malhotra ( Financial Literary Expert), Vijay Kedia (Kedia Securities Pvt. Limited), Indrani Chatterjee (HR Thought Leader & Entrepreneur) and Anupal Banerjee (CHRO, TATA Technologies) brought forth their stories and instilled the belief of achieving success through meaningful anecdotes.

The speakers came up with diverse ideas of following the path of hard work, clarity of mind, dedication and will power to reach the common goal of success. Sujaya Banerjee reflected how we are bombarded with several million bits of data each second while the mind is capable of processing only an iota of thereby clouding our conscience with plethora of biases. There is a need to think slow initially so as to embrace diversity and shun judgements. Padma Shri, Dr Mahesh Verma asserted that there’s no cook book recipe for success. There exist fuzzy definitions of success in thousands of books that funnel down to mean simple aspects of never giving up, following common sense, and success can cause accidents, it is a slippery road.

Padma Shri, Pratibha Prahlad implied success is a gradual process. The initiation may occur at a very tender age. Several failures pave path to eventual success. The guidance by a teacher prompts one to continue and refine the art. Art cannot be constrained to one style in particular. It should be left to explore and experiment. Dr Sheetal Vohra stated there are certain professions that do not see much participation. There are very few women who practise and litigate. The challenging work life balance, hostile conditions and lineage issues force the women to drop out. However, family support and passion for your work helps a lot.

Padma Shri, Jadav Payeng is an environmental activist. He insisted that small efforts on a continuous basis reap sweet fruits to be enjoyed for several years to come. Strong will and tremendous dedication can never bend a man’s dream of attaining success. Manish Tyagi reflected on his journey by posing the question- What’s your poison? He emphasized that success requires hard work, learning, loving what you do, struggle, faith, change and helping others.

The talk by the speakers provided various stories and anecdotes that further asserted the belief that success comes through observation, participation, competence and confidence. To build on such things, a belief in self is as important as the paths laid down to achieve it.

Mementos were given to all the speakers. Lunch was served at 1 p.m. The event concluded gracefully with high tea at 5:30 p.m.


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