Question to enquire, for it’s the courage of conviction to know that defines one’s success in life.

It was an absolute delight for the students of IIM Amritsar to listen & engage themselves to vivaciously in the guest lecture on “Human Resources or People – Embrace Uncertainty” delivered by Dr. Ritu Anand, Senior VP-HR, Tata Consultancy Services. Dr. Anand is an experienced Global Head- HR with a demonstrated history of working in Information Technology and Services Industry. Dr. Anand was accompanied by Mr. Narendra Chandel, Head – Talent Acquisitions, North Zone, TCS. Prior to his illustrious career in IT services, Mr. Chandel had nurtured the leadership skills while serving the country under Indian Army.

Dr. Ritu Anand effectively sensitized the students about the evolution of HR from ‘Managing Personnel’ to the Human Resource Function we know as today. The personnel aspect of the HR has faded over the course of time and HR now plays a much more prominent and pivotal role of managing resources, people, their skills, their personalities, their interplay at workplace and their ambitions.

Dr. Ritu, in her own jubilant way, discussed the various challenges an organization and the Human Resource discipline has to face in the present and the future. Dr. Anand described how an organization’s workforce is a variegated mixture of Baby Boomers, Veterans, Gen X and Gen Y, and with the inclusion of Millennial ready to join the workforce, it is importance for the Function to evolve from Policies to Processes.

She also explained how the various criteria have traditionally sifted out a vast section, especially women from participating as the organization builder. Thus in order to maintain the diversification of thoughts, ideas and workforce, it is again important to evolve HR function to make it more wholesome. Other challenges faced by the Function like the proclivity of this new workforce to freelancing and other contingencies, the complexity that arises due to growth, the resulting talent shrinkage and the tradeoff between Policies and Processes were explicated by Dr. Anand.

Dr. Anand also talked about how Device detox and the Technological Disruption, the new Business 4.0 driven on the wheels of Big Data and AI have changed the way the organization has been altering their planning to achieve an optimal mix of Speed and Responsiveness. Thus it is the firm which keeps the ear on the grounds, the firm which devices the strategy from bottom to top, and the firm which is driven by the HR as the credible activists, as the reactors, partners, and anticipators that make it survive. Thus Dr. Anand emphasized on skill building and urging the aspirants to be the Cultural and Change Champions in order to stand out from the herd, and work for the employees.

Finally Dr. Anand exhorted the future HR managers to emphasize not only on the process about also on the outcome as profits are still the drivers for any organization. In the end, Dr. Anand concluded by urging the students to keep learning, keep evolving and align Perspective, Results and Transformation to promote a culture that ensures Sustainable Success.

IIM Amritsar has been very grateful to Dr. Anand for her infectious exuberance & zeal mixed with her deep knowledge about people and the HR function that will help the students to be the new strategic leaders of tomorrow.


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