Ms. Annapurna A, Director – HR, Inspirage and Ms. Kiran Chopra, Senior Manager – Global Learning and Development, Sungard Availability Services, provided a guest lecture, replete with thoughtful insights, on “Digitization – The Tipping Point” to the students of IIM Amritsar. With their extensive experience and knowledge in their respective domains, both Ms. Kiran and Ms. Annapurna, delivered key points

Ms. Annapurna shared the key prospects about how demographics will alter in coming decades. Life Expectancy will increase. Retirement age is also expected to increase to 70 years. Both Ms. Kiran and Ms. Annapurna maintained that Digital is going to be the way and data will be the pulse of the labour market in the economy. But contrary to the populist view, there will be new jobs that will be created.

Both the speakers gave various examples to prove that how different revolutions in the past have threatened to kill employment but in turn open new doors to employment. Thus ample emphasis was put on the fact that the students, the employees of tomorrow have to prepare themselves for these new white collar jobs, which will come into existence.

Ms. Annapurna, in this regard, how IoT and Cloud Computing are picking up to be the brand and the trend in the workplace. In respect to Supply Chain Management, Block Chains and several other features are going to be trend, was suggested by her.

Ms. Kiran, also informed students the various qualities companies see while recruiting the candidate. Also, she maintained that learning and scaling up is not limited to the employees but also the organizations. Thus it is important to learn every day and keeping a track of the learnings and keeping up with the pace of this changing landscape.

Thus in order to sustain and thrive in this change, it is important to build in some competencies and keep enhancing the quotient regarding each competency – Agility, Business Communication, Creativity, Innovation and Networking.

Finally the importance of the right and happy attitude, loving the work and maintaining the right amount of work life balance with effective anger and stress management was discussed for the students who will be the leaders of tomorrow.


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