Mrs. Kiran Aidhi, Senior Director – HR and Mr. Krithivasan Sivaramakrishnan, Lead Associate Manager – India, Campus Hiring from Virtusa Polaris, delivered a thought provoking and a highly prospective guest lecture on the ‘Futuristic Overview of Job Market’ to the students of IIM Amritsar.

Mrs. Kiran, through her immense vigor, brought to the students various insights about the status of the job market, skill enhancement and distribution and the general shift of the demographics. Corroborating the futuristic opinions with data, both Mrs. Kiran and Mr. Krithivasan sensitized the students about the new age that will be marked with the competitiveness of the future marketplace with the advent of the much savvy and information-driven and accustomed millennial generation. Also with data poised to become the heartbeat of all the operations in this futuristic marketplace, it would be safe to assume that automation would be the trend of tomorrow.

Thus scaling up the skills and moving with the flow has become sine qua non for the generation. In order to further bolster the point, Mrs. Kiran, showed the students of IIM Amritsar, how ‘Digital’ is and will transform everything and thus how important it would be for the companies and the employees to equip themselves with the paraphernalia of the right tools and skills.

However, Mrs. Kiran assured that with the changing times, there will be a diversification of jobs, more autonomy to people and new strong revolutions viz. Green, Infrastructure and most importantly Education Revolution is inevitable. Also she infused enthusiasm within the students that even in this upcoming age of automation, these revolutions, especially Education Revolutions will empower the employees of today and tomorrow to increase their productivity and be the pivotal fulcrums for this nexus between ambitious today and futuristic tomorrow.

With a cheerful smile on her face, Mrs. Kiran, infused confidence in the students while concurrently exhorted the students to be the part of the revolution and above all, ‘enjoy’ the process. She also gave some valuable tips to survive and thrive by identifying the opportunities and strengths, and understanding the trigger and various ways to avert them. Thus, both Mr. Kirthivasan and Mrs. Kiran, urged and encouraged the students of IIM Amritsar to be the part of this sweeping revolution that is going to dawn upon the market in an inevitable future.



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