Mr. Mukul Chopra, Director – Human Resources at Huawei addressed the students of IIM Amritsar on ‘How Organizational Ecosystem should be’. A seasoned HR professional with about 21 years of experience spanning multiple domains with companies like Aircel, Arshiya International, Reliance, GE Capital and Bharti, Mr. Mukul Chopra was recognized as one of the 40 most powerful HR leaders in India in 2012 at the World HRD Congress, Bangalore.

Addressing the challenges faced by the organizations as they try to match up with the ever increasing expectation rate of the millennial generation, he provided valuable insights to the students.

Employing his learnings from his variegated experience, Mr. Mukul Chopra, effectively drove the lecture by clearly defining the multiple aspects of the ecosystem and the health of the organization.

He balanced the views and significance of both the employees and the organization toward positive synergy, which ultimately is consequential in the conducive, and wholesome growth of every party associated. By clearly demarcating on the differences between a ‘Right’ and a ‘Bright’ candidate, balancing the tread between ‘Compatibility’ and ‘Capability’, Mr. Mukul Chopra was able to exemplify how the organization and the employees could work for and with the organization and the employees.

He also imparted priceless insights on how adaptability is imperative to survive the exponential rate of change. He also emphasized on how essential it has become, in this age of disruptive technologies, for the companies to select the right candidate. He guided how the selection process has evolved to instill a highly positive, symbiotic relationship.

The veteran of the industry, Mr. Mukul Chopra espoused the importance of planning the career, understanding the career choices and aligning oneself with the vision and the mission of the organization.

In a highly interactive exchange of information, he was able to tackle questions on the challenges of ever increasing compensation demands, the demand for the cultural fit, maintaining work-life balance, increasing actual contribution and subsequent longevity, and handling high dissonance among millennial.

Mr. Mukul Chopra, finally urged the prospective employees to critically evaluate their perspectives. Closing with the mantra ‘Do what you love and never regret the choices you make’, he delivered profound life changing lessons for the students of IIM Amritsar.


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