Winners of Nouvelle, an intra college short story writing competition organized by Club Littéraire

First Prize Amit Pandey (PGP/02/010) – Ambarsariyan Business Lessons
I ‘m busy smoking by a roadside pan-shop, a rag-picker child approaches the shop with a five-rupee coin and asks for ‘gutka’ . The shopkeeper’s response is a stern ‘chal nikal yaha se’. The child heads to his mother standing at some distance with her rag; she comes with the same coin and gets the ‘gutka’ and, a reprimand – ‘bachhe nu naa bhejya kar’.
Something just tears you apart — a lesson on business ethics from a ‘panwala’. I don’t know where are we heading as an institute, but just by the virtue of being in Amritsar, I know, we are bound to transcend.

First prize Joseph K Jarard (PGP/02/021) -Some Thursday
It’s usually cold here. Unusually low. Kites often flutter in the trance and reminds us of the was a Thursday then. By the river, made of earth, for the eternal passage of air, we lit the fire. Some Thursday.
We greeted space with the little joy of arrival. of the high times. which are here to stay.Bonobo sings the arrival song. Peace follows. We being humans. Amber light has a certain way of revealing the miracles amongst us. All is one. Except my Thursday.

Third Prize Jatin Sharma (PGP/02/072) – A Cute Girl

There’s a cute girl in my class. We began well but whenever I talked to her my sense of humor took a dip. I withdrew, while I wondered how to be friends again. We’re assigned the same group for a course, worked on a presentation. Unhappy with the progress, 2 hours before the deadline, I researched a new topic, made the submission, shared with the group, and arrived late to the class. Because only I understood the content my group was happy to see me. She particularly, cheered out my name. I’m thin slicing but that’s a moment to cherish.


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