Indeed to get Game-Changing results, one has to start focusing on Game-Changing thoughts. Keeping this in mind and with an aim to become a frontrunner in producing digital ready future managers and to spark a thought provoking discussion, IIM Amritsar organized the first edition of its annual Consulting Conclave, SANKSHETRA on 17th December, 2016.
To capture the essence of the digital revolution the country is undergoing, the theme for panel discussion was “Consulting Amongst Digital Transformation”. This conclave served as a platform for industry and academia to come together and brainstorm on various issues plaguing the Indian Society. The symposium also witnessed discussion on how digital revolution could usher in a new era in the consulting domain altogether. For the panel discussion, industry leaders from the top echelons of the business world were invited. The guests included Mr. Rahul Agrawal, Director, NRMC, Mr. Sudhanshu Bhatnagar, Digital Lead, NIIT, Mr. Akshat Jain, MD, Dataworld and Mr. Sandip Dash, Dataworld and senior official of NITI AAYOG. The conclave was inaugurated by Prof A.K Swain, the Nodal Professor of IIM Amritsar. Inauguration was followed by intense discussion. The panel discussed about the scope of digitization in rural India. How digitization was transforming the country thereby fuelling the creation of many smart cities was also discussed. The industry leaders focused on how digitization was in fact playing an instrumental role in bridging the gap between the rural Bharat on one hand and urban India on the other. The panel also deliberated on how digitization in accounting could help in reducing frauds and manipulations. The panel also focused on how Digital tools were evolving and were disrupting the conventional ways of doing business. While there were many exceedingly intelligent points put forward by the panel, Prof. Rajeshwar Rao’s eloquent moderation connected these dots to engender some valuable insights for the students. Mr. Bhatnagar said “In the era of IOT, we need to move our focus from schedule based maintenance to demand based maintenance. Technology and business goes hand in hand.”
The industry leaders also exhorted students to change the very way of looking at things and gain insights from their surroundings as solutions to all the societal problems lie in the very vicinity of the problem area. The Conclave was a highly interactive, enriching, memorable and intellectually stimulating for the students. The event came to an end with high tea where students and the panelists shared their experiences and takeaways from the session. The participants, including corporate and students of IIM Amritsar took this opportunity to interact with the panelists and get cues to carve their way to be the leaders of tomorrow influencing change. With this conclave, this START-UP IIM even though a new kid in the block, aims to produce managers who can hit the ground running and prove their mettle in the digital tech world.


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