Industry Interactive Session with Mr. Vartul Mittal (A.V.P., Barclays Bank)

“Life is too short to make your own mistakes and learn from them. Hence it is always better to learn from other’s mistakes.”

These are the words by Mr. Vartul Mittal when he was in IIM Amritsar on 30.07.2016 for industry interactive session with students. As an assistant Vice President with Barclays, he gave useful insights to students about his experience in management consulting and about other specializations like strategy, finance and operations. He said that one should strive continuously to improve one’s skills as there is no end to perfection. He also shared his some experiences about his life in B-School and advised about how to make full use of these two important years. He advised to focus on strengths, improve weaknesses and always accept various challenges as it gives real experiences and learning in various fields. He also advised to consider faculty and bosses as their mentors and to improve networks. He also advised students to take part in various b-school competitions, live projects and to do various certification courses to survive in huge competition. He also told to focus on CV as these two A4 pages are used by panel members to judge students.

He also advised students not to limit themselves to any specialization and take
knowledge of every field and be open to all sectors. He also told that companies tend to look for candidates who have cross-industry exposure. Hence it is always important to have knowledge of other fields also. He also advised students to focus on value creation and to learn how to get things done. He also advised them to look for jobs which are scale-able and flexible in future as mindset, behaviour and attitude of everyone changes with time. These lines by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam mentioned in last slide touched my heart,“21 st century is not about just experience and knowledge, but it is about unlearning,relearning and flexible learning.”

Abhishek J. Neve


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