Industry interaction session with Dr. Aditya Srinivas (C.O.O. and Chief Economist, BSE)

On March 26, 2016, students of IIM Amritsar had the privilege of interacting with Dr. Aditya Srinivas, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Economist of Bombay Stock Exchange Brokers’ Forum. He has numerous articles published against his name including ‘Global Financial Crisis – lessons to be learnt’ published by Hong Kong Securities Association in their journal, ‘Role of Government in Stock Exchanges’ published by Tilburg University in International Journal ‘Faces International’. He has represented India at Asia Securities Forum which was held at Taiwan from 23rd October to 25th October 2013 where over 50 delegates from more than 14 countries marked their presence. He has addressed a senior level delegation from 16 countries from IMD Switzerland on Indian Economy and Indian Capital Market. He was also the editor of the monthly magazine ‘BSE Forum Views’ which has won ‘Silver’ award at 53rd Annual Awards Nite, organized by Association of Business Communicators of India along with TATA group.
He weaved his lecture around how the Indian economy slowly transformed from a primitive economy at the start of twentieth century to one of the world’s fastest growing economies of the twenty first century. To start off with, he discussed why there was a need for financial institutions like stock exchanges like Bombay Stock Exchange in the country. He traced back the origin of this need to the Industrial Revolution which predominantly took place in the Western world. Taking the discussion forward, he elucidated further on how historic events like the Great Recession of 1928 changed the course of the global economy. The vivid description of the 1992 crisis which the nation was embroiled in enthralled the audience. He also explained how the global events like Federal Reserve rate hike might have a cascading effect on the Indian economy and the Dalal Street. However, he did note that the future of the Indian economy is indeed bright and the nation was entering into a new era.


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