Industry Interactive Session with Mr. Arun Kapoor (V.P., Macquarie)

The interactive session between the students of IIM Amritsar and Mr. Arun Kapoor, Vice President, Institutional Equity Sales, Macquarie. This is his Linkedin account. Mr. Arun talked about the Investment Banking and Finance in general, and the interaction was not only educative, but also full of fun. Mr. Arun talked about the different aspects of the stock markets, also a little about his personal journey. According to him, “One must have a firm grip on perspective, perception, and reality of the economy to do well in finance.” He also said, “a sound mind is necessary to be able to make sense out of the utter chaos of information that an investment banker has to go through each day.”

He also had a discussion regarding the perspective, perception and reality and discussed the case of Maruti Suzuki, taking the views of each student of the batch.

He also shared his life experiences of maxing many subjects of his class 12 examinations like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Moreover, he also discussed his life in IIT Delhi and his earlier job experiences in Merrill Lynch as a Vice President.


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