Interactive Session with Dr. P. Rameshan (Director, IIM Rohtak)

The interactive session between Dr. P. Rameshan – Director & Professor (Strategic Management) at Indian Institute of Management Rohtak – and the students of IIM Amritsar; hosted at IIM Amritsar on 29th of October, 2015.

Dr. P. Rameshan is also a professor (Currently on leave), Director in-Charge, Dean (Academic) and a Governing Board Member of Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (please refer to his LinkedIn profile for more details).

The interaction with Prof. Rameshan was not only fun for the students, but also very motivating. He said, “The first batch will always be under tremendous pressure. And I know that you are anxious, but believe me, you’ve had a great start. Not only the State Government is extremely supportive, but also the people in-charge are doing their best to help you guys have the best in every possible area.”

He also said, “This young institute and the young students here make a great team, and there will be synergy between you two only if you truly accept each other.”

He also emphasized on the importance of taking the social initiatives. Referring to IIM Rohtak, he said, “We initiated the ‘Run for the girl child’ program, we came up with initiatives like Sparsh and Swabhab. This nation expects a lot from those who carry this great brand called the IIM, and you must work hard to meet those expectations. High integrity is not only expected from you, believe me, it is also a basic requirement of success. Throughout your life, your sincerity will always be appreciated.”

He concluded the session with the quote, There is no shortcut to success.


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