Industry Interactive Session with Mr. Anupam Tripathi (Reg. Dir., Whirlpool)

The students of IIM Amritsar had a great interactive session with Mr. Anupam Tripathi, Regional Director, North India, Whirlpool. This is his Linkedin account. Mr. Tripathi flew in from Delhi to have this session with the students. The Industry Interaction Cell of IIM Amritsar welcomed him with a bouquet of flowers, thanking him for taking out some time from his busy schedule. From the very beginning of the session, Mr. Tripathi enlightened the students with his profound knowledge of his domain, Sales – “I am proud to be called as a sales guy.” Emphasizing on the necessity of self-learning, he further added, “If you truly want to learn, travel a lot.”  Mr. Tripathi also said that the aspiring managers should try to improve their Emotional Quotient (EQ) over their Intelligence Quotient (IQ), for their ability will be truly complemented by their personality in the field. After that he took questions from the students, and the session concluded with a thanking note from the Industry Interaction Cell, IIM Amritsar.


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